A Short Story : A Story?

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I woke up and checked my clock it was midnight, I tried to get up and walk but it hurt a little, i tiredly went to the bathroom and did my business when I walk out I saw a figure, it was Probably Kara she always up until like two, Joyce is always in bed around 10, Channel is a princess, and she is sleeps in until its noon Galla, God's know what she does. "Hi, Kara." I hoarsely waved while going downstairs, hopefully the staircase it at lease somewhat stable. "Watch out you might fall." What? I didn't hear what she said and all sudden I stumble down the stairs. "OWW." I said while getting up, now my ankle hurting even more and the side of butt is sore. Kara laughs, " I told you to be careful." hmm, not what Kara would usually say, but considering she hardly talks, and she is quite so who knows what she will say or do. "Uh, thanks." I sarcastically told her. "I think you should really, really not go in the kitchen" She says in a kinda panic voice. "Kara, what the hell are you hiding in here?" I cross my arms, it was dark upstairs, so I couldn't really see her. "Nothing." She is being very secretive and suspicious I better go in the kitchen to check. I went in the kitchen but I didn't see anything, everything seems normal, until I turn and saw a figure on the counter twiddling a knife. I gulp in a dry lump, maybe if I don't say anything and blink it will go away, I close my eyes very shakily and kept it shut for a few minutes. I heard thunder outside which made me jump

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