A Short Story : A Wanted Up At The House?

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He looked up at the house as he slammed the car door. He pressed the lock button on the fob causing the car to beep. “Call my mansion home,” he said to himself as he checked himself in the car window reflection. Straightening his tie, he gave himself a nod of approval and headed to the long stone walkway leading to the house. The heels of his dress shoes clicked on the limestone as he approached. He admired the massive white pillars lining the front of the estate. Making his way up the dozen or more steps to the front porch, he noticed a man sitting in a round-back wicker chair. They made eye contact as both men smiled to each other. He took note of a tray with a stainless steel pitcher and three glasses sitting on a wicker table in…show more content…
They were quickly followed by an attractive young woman who scolded them for being on the grass. The children laughed and quickly ran around the side of the house. The young woman huffed as she smiled in frustration to the men on the porch. “Kids will be kids,” Monty said as he stood up and approached the woman. He introduced himself with a big smile as Richard quickly stood and did the same. Both men tried not to be too obvious as they admired the woman's head to toe beauty. Her tight black skirt and feather light blonde hair didn't help their effort. Though she appeared to be close to half their age, it didn't stop them from trying to be over charming towards her. Men will be men, she thought to herself, being used to the attention. "I think they're about ready to start," the woman said as she excused herself and went back inside. When the screen door closed, Richard went to the chair and retrieved his suit jacket. "Oh to be young again," Monty said as he shot a devious grin at Richard. They both laughed as they entered the house. The two of them were the last to enter the home's dimly lit library where the reading of the will was to take place. Close to a dozen people sat in musty, book lined room. Big comfy chairs and plush sofas were arranged around a big oak desk. The young blonde woman chose to stand by a window that faced the backyard. She peeked through the drape watching the children. Both Monty and
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