A Short Story About Thomas

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One autumn morning, Thomas jumped out of bed, pulled open the curtains, and then gazed down at the quiet cobblestone streets below. Leaves the colors of a brilliant sunset, playfully glided and danced along the street’s edge. He smiled. Soon the vending trucks would be pulling up outside, and the town folks hurrying about as they prepared the streets for the Festival of Ghouls.
A grin formed across Thomas's face, as he glanced over at the grim reaper costume that was lying on top of his dresser. Snatching it up, he pulled the black robe over his head, and then placed the skull mask over his face. Covering his head with the hood, he grabbed the plastic scythe that was leaning against the wall.
Standing in front of the mirror, he gazed at the dark, voiceless creature with the two empty eye sockets and grisly teeth. For a moment, he imagined the creature, not as
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Surely his mother hadn’t forgotten that he was to meet his friends, Nicholas and Ricky, at the opera house down the street. If Frankie knew about his plans, he would be begging to go, and Thomas had no intention of taking him along.
“Know what?” asked Frankie a second time.
A knot began to form in Thomas’s throat, and he wished he had something to wash it down with. How could she have forgotten? He had just asked her the other day if he could go.
“Oh! Their mother gasped. “I almost forgot. Yes, you may be excused Thomas. Don’t forget to do your chores.”
“Forgot what?” asked Frankie.
“It’s nothing important for you to worry about. Now, finish your breakfast.”
Thomas quickly jumped up from his seat, and hurried upstairs to his room.
After dressing, he made his bed, and then tiptoed to Frankie’s bedroom door. Frankie was playing on the floor, building a city with small wooden blocks. He quietly crept past the door, and then headed downstairs to the
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