A Short Story : Cinderella And The Story Of Cinderella

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Once upon a time in a beautiful castle lived four women, the ugly step mother janet, the two mean twin sisters Julie and Julia they’re the daughters from janet then there’s Cinderella her father married janet before he died so she has custody over Cinderella until she is 18 years old.
The twins never ever cleaned up the castle was a disgusting mess, Janet always had little parties and gatherings with the other wealthy people all over their town sometimes the party would end with cops being called due to drunk fights and arguments. When the parties end janet would tell Julie to get her sister and clean up but they’ll tell her no since she made the mess she needs to clean it and the cleaning always ends up done by Cinderella because she doesn’t like a dirty house.
Tonight the twins and Janet were invited to a party by the king, his daughter was turning 18 and will be crowned the queen soon. Cinderella was never invited out with them because they felt as if she stood out too much and embarrassed them. As Cinderella was in the kitchen eating a hot pocket Julie and Julia walked in talking about the upcoming ceremony/party for princess Cindy who is becoming 18 today. “ this party is going to be so fun, John texted me saying after the party Cindy is having who she wants to stay for a after party with no adults you know what thats means Julie” julia says to julie smiling. Cinderella got up and walked away she hated hearing the nasty sisters talk about their “love” life, she

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