A Short Story

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… I was making my bed, having received strict orders from Bessie to get it arranged before she returned (for Bessie now frequently employed me as a sort of under-nursery maid, to tidy the room, dust the chairs, etc.). Having spread the quilt and folded my night-dress, I went to the window seat to put in order some of the picture books and doll’s house furniture scattered there; an abrupt command from Georgiana to let her playthings alone (for the tiny chairs and mirrors, the fairy plates and cups, were her property) stopped my proceedings; and then, for lack of other occupation, I fell to breathing on the frost- flowers with which the window was fretted, and thus clearing a space in the glass through which I might look out on the grounds,…show more content…
And what are you doing now? You look quite red, as if you had been about some mischief: what were you opening the window for?”

I was spared the trouble of answering, for Bessie seemed in too great a hurry to listen to my explanations she hauled me to the washstand, inflicted a merciless, but happily brief scrub on my face and hands with soap, water, and a coarse towel; disciplined my head with a bristly brush, denuded me of my pinafore, and then hurrying me to the top of the stairs, bid me go down directly, as I was wanted in the breakfast-room.

I would have asked who wanted me: I would have demanded if Mrs. Reed was there; but Bessie was already gone, and had closed the nursery-door upon me. I slowly descended.
For nearly three months, I had never been called to Miss. Reed’s presence; restricted so long to the nursery, the breakfast, dining, and drawing rooms were become for me awful regions, on which it dismayed me to intrude.

I now stood in the empty hall; before me was the breakfast-room door, and I stopped, intimidated and trembling. As I entered the breakfast-room, I wondered who could possibly be here; other than Miss Reed of course. I opened the door and passed through, curtseying low. I looked up and saw the straight and narrow faced Miss Reed; her face was grim and she moved gracefully towards the fireplace. She signaled me to approach, and as I did so, she introduced me to a stony faced

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