A Short Story

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him the money in the form of checks. She told Janice to sign her signature differently on the checks and fill in the amounts. However, leave the dates and the payee blank. She told Janice once she gave Kevin the checks to leave the rest up to her she had a plan. She told Janice to wait an hour and then go to the bank and report that her checks had been stolen and close out her account. Once Janice did her part, Aunt Lucy would do the rest. “I’ll guarantee you Kevin will never forget you after this ordeal” Aunt Lucy said. Janice wanted to know how soon should she put the plan into action. Aunt Lucy told her the sooner the better and call me once you’ve notified the bank that your checks were stolen.
As soon as Aunt Lucy left, it took
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Janice arrived at Kevin’s house just as she said within 30 minutes. He was all smiles and hugs. “Come on in baby, can I get you something to drink.” “Oh no, I’m not thirsty. Here are the checks, I filled in the amounts and signed them. I wasn’t sure of the exact names of the payee, so I left them and the dates blank.” Kevin was happy to get those checks in his hand. He had no problem with the payees and the dates being blank. He told her he would fill them in.
He kissed Janice on the cheek and her body went numb as hell. It took everything she had in her body to keep from spitting in that bastard’s face. She kept her composure. As she was leaving Kevin told her would stop by her house later. She put on a fake smile as replied ok. Janice got in her car and drove off in a hurry. Janice went by Junior’s Burger joint and grabbed a bite to eat to pass a little time. She banked with TD Bank, which didn’t close until 7 pm. When she finished eating, she went to the bank and reported her checks stolen and closed out her account. She went home and phoned Aunt Lucy and told her that she had done her part of the plan. No sooner had Janice left out the door, Kevin put on a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt and headed to A.R. Insurance Company. Kevin was a regular customer, so accepting Janice’s check was no problem. He gave the insurance agent the check for the down payment for his car insurance. He drove to Pie County’s State Attorney’s
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