A Short Story : My Favorite Dog?

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“Izzy, come down here.” “Izzy comes down here,” “Izzy come down here!” I heard my dad shout. “What dad!!?” I hollered I didn't know why my dad called my name three times in the last 2 minutes. I got a coat on and trudged downstairs. I just got home from school and was trying to do my homework. As I opened the door to go into the garage, I took a deep breath and thought that today was not any special day so what is the problem? Was I in trouble?Did I do something wrong?I was nervous not thinking about something good that might come out of this. I swung open the door, I could see an expression on my dad's face, that had convinced me everything was okay.I let out that deep breath I had been holding for so long now. My dad said
“Izzy, look what I found.”Oh boy, what is he gonna show me?I said to myself. He then said, “I found something I think you would like.” I ran over to him and looked at the picture of a little fuzz ball.A rottweiler. Rottweilers were my ABSOLUTE favorite dog breed.
“I LOVE IT!”I exclaimed. “Of course!” my dad said. I knew it was a hoax right away because my dad always played pranks on me.
“Dad you are not going to trick me this time.”I giggled as I kicked a soccer ball toward my soccer net.
“Well.” my dad said smiling.
“Go get ready.” I charged upstairs, cleaning my room.I was ready for whatever was about to happen.I charged downstairs and swung the do
“Get in the car,” he told me. I was starting to
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