A Short Story Of A Story

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“Dogger, “bout how long of a ride is it to Dr. Livesey’s?” Before he could answer, Mr. Dance yelled, “Two-days tops.” He then added, “you might get some rest.” With that I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt that I had fallen off Dogger’s horse and gotten trampled by our groups horses just as Pew had been. Instantly, I woke up and I was crying. In fear that I would wake up the group, and embarrass myself, I rubbed the tears off my puffy-red face, grabbed my coat, and stood up to take a walk.
The night was cold accompanied by a drizzle of rain. The air smelled a mix of rainwater and dirt, and the ground made a squishy noise when I walked. The moon shown a bright white that lit the way as I wandered. I kept a steady pace and carefully studied my surroundings. I stopped near a quaint creek and grabbed the map from my chest pocket to observe it. It was foreign, and difficult to decipher the careful map instructions. Odd, it was to think that so many people would want this piece of paper. It seemed so worthless yet I knew it was worth so much. Putting the map back into its tiny envelope, I stuffed it into the pocket in my pants, and went on my way back to camp. When I got back, I got comfortable, fluffed my dull head-rest and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.
The next day, as our group was packing up, arms were drawn, places were taken and eyes were pealed as a man on horseback approached us with much haste. He was slight, tall and had blue eyes accompanied by few freckles,
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