A Short Story Of Adventure

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It was five minutes until class ended and Keen could feel the excitement rolling off Shimmer he wanted to laugh she was made for this kind of adventure. He could understand why she was always getting in trouble, and doing it with a smile, this was kind of exhilarating. It reminded him of the times when he acquired training, therefore his father took him out on training expeditions to learn to feed off of humans, in case it was ever necessary.
Walking out of class Luc told everyone, “We should go put our backpacks in the car and give the campus a few minutes to clear out.” The campus had cleared out quick no one wanted to stay later then they had to. Being stealthy, and sticking to the shadows the four of them crept to the main office in the middle of campus, standing in front of the office doors Luc whispered, “Give me a minute to walk around the building and make sure no one is coming.” After he returned he told Lexi, “Come on Lex, I will lift you up on my shoulders, so you can open the window then I will follow you in, Shimmer, Keen, watch out for those security guards.” Shimmer and Keen watched Lexi fiddling with the lock on the window until she had it unlocked, then pushed the window all the way up, thus allowing room for her brother to follow her. Keen reminded them, “If you hear voices don’t climb out the window until we say it is clear, you know that Shimmer is unable to erase what her victim’s see, she can only make them do as she wishes hence we don’t want them to…

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