A Short Story Of Beah's A Long Way Gone

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My life I never really tell because i never really tell about it much since not many people ask what i deal with. It just feels like I’m sometimes in a state of fragile peace and happiness just like Beah was in his book A long Way Gone.The story is about a young boy who was forever changed by the civil war that plagued his country in his youth, which lead him on a journey thru the war torn nation of Sierra Leone in hopes of reuniting with his family, and when that couldn’t be achieved his frustration and anger pushed him to survival almost as a villain with massive hatred for the hero in a comic book. Beah recounts how he was able to survive while seeing death, killing others and feeling no remorse in a time of crisis for his enemy. The country eventually decided to rehabilitate those children soldiers and Ishmael ends up being one of those children that eventually is lucky enough to escape this madness, only for the captial city of Sierra Leone, Freetown to be plunged into darkness once more with a brutal civil war that lead him back to New York City to begin a safe life once more. My story seems to have a similar but smaller battles that left me in a battered mental state scared by my past.
I was always that troublesome kid in my early years and I could remember that my friends where my lifeline, and once i could find no more i found myself lost. I plugged into this tech era by diving deep into video games to distract me from the real world and its problems to solve the

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