A Short Story Of My Hero's Journey-Personal Narrative

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It was deafening, then it was eerily quiet; an overwhelming silence. The humanoid girls were crying, then in the span of a single second, an unnatural stillness descended upon the two. He could feel their emotions, but there was something else, an abnormality that bore upon their leaking fear. It suppressed their terror, drowning them in a false serenity. The waves ebbed, and they were suddenly calm; quietly and obediently holding onto the side of the Zeltron's clothing. He knew the children were being projected emotions by the female Zeltron. He did not know the extent of her strength, but he recognized the proficient use of her telepathic abilities. Two separate targets, and she did so seamlessly; it was apparent she wasn't a novice of any kind. The two girls trailed alongside her as she brushed past the Knight. He followed suit.…show more content…
Their presence was peculiar, to say the least. The lower the levels of Coruscant, the rarer sightings of law enforcement were. For them to have reacted so quickly to the Mercenary's guild, and for there to be additional forces arriving in such a hasty manner, things weren't as simple as they seemed. He wondered, of their reasons for such a swift and hostile response. Was the Guild's owner an important man? Or was the Zeltron a high priority target? Either way, things were getting complicated, and there was nothing he disliked more than complications. They arrived at the end of the Mercenary Guild's compound, but before they managed to clear the building's proximity, the two humanoid girls suddenly fell. They crumpled to the ground simultaneously, their bodies in painful spasms as mouths gaped in soundless cries. The Zeltron reached for their hands, and he was able to see a flashing device in the center of their
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