A Short Story Of The Berlin Wall Between 1942-1989

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Students are to create a short story with an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and denouement. The topic for the short story must relate to life on either side of the Berlin Wall between 1942-1989

It was the end of 1941 and a family of four, soon to be five that lived on the west part of Berlin was oblivious to what was to come. There was the Mother and Father of the family whose names were Emma and Harald. Harald was in the military and was currently battling in World War II, however, Emma was a stay at home mom and was carrying their fifth child which would be a little boy named Markos. Erwin was the oldest of the three children. He had just turned 19 and his mother finally agreed to letting him go into the military just as his father did. Hannah his little sister on the other hand was not okay with her big brother going away to put his life in jeopardy. She and her big brother were very close, Erwin was the one who took care of his mother and sister while his father was away at war. Now Hannah and her mother were about to experience both men being away, which will impact them tremendously.
Living in East Berlin was not easy and those that did not live there knew that, the ones that lived there knew for sure that it was unappealing. Hannah the middle child had been living in poverty since she was born and so had Erwin they both just handled it differently. She was 11 and very adventurous being that her father was in the military and her mother

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