A Short Story Of The Missing Fairy Princess

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The Missing Fairy Princess

Well let’s start with how a girl’s life changes in a matter of time. Her name is Rose a 17 year old girl. She has a little secret of being a fairy! Her parents know of course, so now they decided to send her to a school in holoville. At first, she had not wanted to go but since she had to control her magic since it’s been getting out of control...that was a week ago. Packed up and ready to leave she says goodbye to her parents, “Bye Mom..Dad.” “Bye Sweetie” they both reply with tears. “Please don't cry, I'll see you soon.”
They nodded while they shared one last hug then, she walked into a portal. In a matter of seconds she walked out ‘Now all I need to do is find the school, but the only thing I see is stores and bus stops.’
Walking around a tad she saw a big group of kids that were her age sitting by a water fountain with a whole lot of shopping bags eating ice cream and talking with each other. She was hesitant to go and ask but she still needed to go so she can get settled. Walking up to the 5 girls with 6 boys she shyly pushed back her hair and talked in a soft voice but more like a whisper,
“Hi..um excuse me?”
They all looked at her wondering what she would need. The blonde girl responded,
“Yes? What would you like?” she had asked.
“Well, I need to find a school that i'm supposed to attend” Rose showed the people who were in front of her the school name and her paperwork.
“Oh, we attend to that school would you like us to show
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