A Short Story Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott L. S

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swiping the sweat off her face the girl continued to do the rest of the dishes from that night. The kitchen smelled like a mix of cleaning supplies and food that was cooked that night. Grabbing the silver wear and throwing it into the red tray and sliding it into the huge dishwasher that seemed like it was big enough to wash hundreds of dishes all at once. A minuet later the dishwasher was done; after, the girl put away the dishes and got her paycheck. it was Saturday which meant pay day and Taylor got a raise so she wanted to see how much she made this time. Opening the envelope she pulled out the money and counted it. there was two $10s, two $5s, and one $20. totaling out to $50 which was the most taylor had ever gotten. After…show more content…
"ok calm down," laughed keelan trying to keep up with Taylors fast pace. Walking on to the beach that was filled with soft sand that was at the end of Taylors aunts road the two kids found Taylors mom standing next to taylor 's aunt Sonya. "hey mom hi auntie,"yelled taylor so that she could be heard over the fireworks. "hi honey, hi keelan" yelled back Taylors mom. " hi Tay," replied Sonya. "hi kerri," said keelan smirking knowing very well that Taylors mom didn 't like it when he called her that.
Rolling her eyes Taylors mom asked "how was work?," while watching the fireworks. "Good, long but good," replied taylor pushing keelan back from when he pushed her. "good," said Taylors mom watching the two wrestle to the point that they both fell down to the ground into the soft sand. The two laid there for a minuet laughing and then slowly began to get up. Brushing the pants off of her and watching keelan out of the corner of her eye to make sure he wont go for another attack; taylor asked "is uncle Ryan here?" "yeah he 's out there helping with the fireworks," answered Taylor 's mom. " oh yeah by the way me and you need to play a game against uncle Ryan and tiny," Taylor told keelan turning her head slightly but still watching the fireworks. "tiny?," asked keelan his face contorted with confusion. " yeah tiny he 's like this 6ft tall guy who weighs like 300IBs," answered taylor. Keelan 's eyes widen with his mouth
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