A Short Story Of Tie Me Up

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“Tie me up” “Tie me up” is a story by Dr Gcina Mhlophe- a children’s book author, her story “Tie me up” is one of the numerous stories in her storybook “our story magic”. Illustrations support the story which also helps visualise the story and bring about more understanding to the text. The story is about animals that had to work together to defeat a greedy monster. The assignment provides the analysis of the story and discussed is the genre, theme, characters, plot, setting, climax then the conclusion. “Tie me up” is a short story which is classified as fiction along with folk tales, legends, fairy tales and any novels. Fiction can be just about anything. Fiction can occur in the present day, the future, or the past and it is grounded in…show more content…
He threatens them and they are forced to return back with nothing. When they get there they share their discoveries with the other animals (protagonists). This is when Nogwaja (protagonist) arrives and recommends a solution since he is a trickster. The baboon (protagonist) helps Nogwaja when they are tying up Rhamuncwa. The Lion (protagonist) is a fierce animal that is also ravaged by hunger and thirst and is mentioned in the story to put Nogwaja in his place. In this case we find that there is a linear plot because it consists of the beginning-All these animals lived a blissful life in a place where they had all they wanted and more than what they needed for instance food and water. The animals in the story had lovely skin and bright eyes, since life for these animals was perfect; they grew lazy and gained weight, As the story went further the animals we struck by hunger and drought which resulted in a number of animals dying. the middle. Even though it had not rained for a long time the animals still had hope and would travel on a search for food and water for them to survive, and for days they had no luck until one day when the elephant and the giraffe journeyed on a search for food and discovered a garden full of fruits and vegetables When these two animals discovered the garden, they also discovered that the garden belonged to a terrifying greedy monster that scared them away. And the end-where the animals resolved their problem;

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