A Short Story On Hard Times And Tough Decisions

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I want to tell you a short story about hard times and tough decisions. There was a man and women who I knew very well that were deeply in love, young and stupid. They were introduced to selling drugs, and at the time they thought it was a good idea, and did not think of the consequences. But the money the two were bringing in meant they could not afford to stop. They one day the two went out to a party to sell the drugs. At the party they sold it to the wrong guy who just so happened to be an undercover cop. The two got arrested and were sentenced to 90 days in jail to think what they have done. The two were not allowed to see each other for six months but they were so lost without each other. After the sentencing and their time apart, they both vowed not to ever put each other in danger and harm’s way again, but because of their actions it became harder for them to find good paying jobs and they slowly started to live in poverty. The reason why I told you this short story is because no matter how rough life is, do not resort to crime or drugs. There is always a better path to follow.
Crime has a capacity to create brutal sequences causing unemployment, economic downturns and instability. Poverty and crime combined leave people with two choices: either take part in criminal activities, or try to find legal ways of income which is very difficult if having criminal records. After being rehabilitated in jail “more than 40 percent of ex-cons commit crimes within three years of
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