A Short Story

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One of the children stood up to better see what Seraph was saying. He smiled as he noted his tactic was working. Even Vishta was noticing the attention Seraph was gaining. The guard, however, was oblivious to everything and snatched it from Seraph’s grasp.
“It looks like trash.” The guard prepared to throw it in a pile, writing a few notes regarding the gift.
Vishta raised her hand up, regaining the attention of the children again. “It may look like trash to the adult eye, but this item contains entertainment for hours for a child to experience a life that was once simple or live an imaginary simple life when living amongst luxury. As I am sure the avatar would love to try and experience this before you declare one of their gifts as trash.
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Instead he turned his eyes back onto the ball in a cup toy and placed his other hand above it. Spark of black light filled his hands and within an instant the ball rose into the air and fell into the cup.
“Looks like little skill is needed for this after all.”
Seraph shook his head. “No, you don’t use magic for this toy. Remember, it is a human toy and humans are not as special as you are with the abilities of the gods.”
The boy again glared at Seraph but used his anger towards the cup. This time he flipped the ball up into the air with a flick of his wrist. It missed but the avatar continued to attempt to win the game. His brother the avatar of Order joined in, watching and cheering as his brother persevered.
Order looked up at Seraph and Vishta. “Thank you for the gift. It is an interesting device of human creation for such simple minds you possess.”
Seraph stayed silent. Although it was insulting what the child had said, he wasn’t going to argue with them and face destruction of his entire plan. The guard had already relaxed with Seraphs existence in the room and focused on the other elves were now pushing their way to the front to present their gifts.
Order left his brother’s side and walked closer to Seraph and leaned in, his hand resting on the man’s shoulder. His voice was so soft that Seraph was forced to focus and lean in closer to the child. “I know why you are here and we accept.” The child grasped inside of

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