A Short Story Personal Statement

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In order to not go off topic, I will make a long story short. I am now 35 years old and I will be graduating this December of 2017 with my Master's degree in Public Administration. I am looking forward to graduation day, because I want to look my father (who has worked at supermarkets and bodegas as far as I can remember, for minimum wage without health benefits) in his eyes and let him know that as a man I appreciate all the times he beat me as his form of discipline (I needed that). I know that he was scared for my future. Besides the numerous times that I saw him and my mother on their knees praying for me, I know that beating me was his only way of fighting the bad habits that I picked up on the streets of Brooklyn. He disciplined me for stealing money and clothes (which I did because they couldn’t afford to buy me name-brand clothing). By stealing or selling drugs was the only way that the people I associated myself with got what they wanted. My father would try his best to explain to me why ethically and morally it was wrong to steal. He also disciplined me for not respecting him, for hanging out on corners and dangerous parks during late hours of the night with malicious people and for representing our family in such a terrible way. I want him to know that his efforts did not go unnoticed by me. It might have taken me a while to realize that the paradigm instilled in me by our community was misleading me to a false understanding of life (the visions of these
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