A Short Story : Summary Of Phileas Fogg

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Phileas Fogg is a rich man and keeps his word. He also is very precise about everything, making him OCD. No one knows how Phileas is rich nor do they know any of his family. On October 2, he fired James Forster because James gave Phileas shaving water at 84 degrees instead of 86 degrees. After Phileas fired James he got a new servant by the name of Jean Passepartout. Jean was a Frenchman and had many jobs before being Phileas’s servant. Some jobs he had was being an, “itinerant singer”, a circus rider, and a sergeant fireman in Paris. Passepartout knew about Phileas Fogg’s OCD and still continued to “interview” to be his servant. Phileas then hired Passepartout to be his servant. Phileas loves to play ‘Whist”, a card game, and is very good at it. Phileas would play with bankers and the Director of the Bank of England. One day when Phileas is playing whist with his, “friends” talk about traveling around the world. Phileas says that he could do it in 80 days. So, Phileas and his friends place a bet that if Phileas travels the world in more than 80 days that he would give them $20,000. Everyone challenges Phileas in this adventure. Phileas heads home ready to get his things packed and to prepare Passepartout. During this time, there has been reported that someone robbed the Bank of England. So, there’s a detective looking for Phileas because many have reported him to be the robber.
Meanwhile, Phileas tells Passepartout his idea and has him shocked. Phileas leaves

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