A Short Story : The Story Of A Story?

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SLAM, Joel woke with a start to the sound of the old rusted out truck door slamming shut. He figured he knew what that sound meant on this day compared to others. It meant his uncle, Bert, was putting his dog down. Joel knew the day was coming the way his aunt and uncle had been talking lately but he fought it nonetheless. Constantly yelling and arguing since that was the only thing he could think to do since he wasn’t really fighting the two adults who usually stood before him but rather time. Joel felt worthless in the months leading up to now since he knew there was nothing he could do. To Joel, that sound was the final blow, he was well aware that he did not have a choice anymore. Regardless of that fact that was sinking in, Joel bolted up right and tore through the old house flying through the front door. Completely jumping the rotted out steps Joel landed in a cloud of dust that billowed up from where his barefeet made contact with the dirt before taking off after the old pickup truck as it rumbled down the gravel driveway. “WAIT!”, Joel bellowed after the truck as the small rocks ripped into his feet with each step as he sprinted down the driveway that couldn’t seem to get any shorter. But everything run outs eventually including the gravel path pitted with potholes and the old truck took a left headed down the road and out of Joel’s view. Joel slowed his sprint until he reached the end of the driveway where he collapsed to the ground chest heaving. Joel remained at
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