A Short Story : The Story Of A Story

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I looked at the dark, blank floor. It seemed to be just as stupid, and empty as I was. This cell was like a cage, and it was uncomfortably cold and wet. I only had myself to keep me warm. I wonder if I'll ever get out of here. All the choices I've made, I thought they were right. Turns out they weren't. I shouldn't of accepted that letter! It has only caused me pain and loss. I miss my family... they're probably thinking I am having the time of my life, at this ”camp”. All of this was a big, old lie, and I wish they knew that... There was a slight bang against the door. "You've got a friend, Fisher," a man sneered. The heavy door opened and a small man was thrown in, hitting the cold ground with a thump. The man flailed a bit, trying to catch his balance. “Please!” the man begged. “Let me go! I don’t deserve this!! The door slammed shut, the man laughing wickedly behind it. The man crawled to the door frantically and started to pound on it, as if he did that the guard would come back. If only the man knew; all attempts were useless. The man kept on banging on the door, calling out desperately. “You know he’ll never come back. They never do,” I breathed. At first the man didn’t care, persisting at his useless attempt for freedom. The man was pitiful, pounding at the door like a small child having a tantrum. This man was barely a man, he was more like a child, a poor, poor, ignorant child. “Calm down, this will all be over soon…” I consoled, trying to be more
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