A Short Story : The Story Of Abela's Story

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She was thirty-eight years old with three children, her name was Aliza. She had two daughters and one son. The oldest daughter was twelve, and her name was Abela, after her father Abel. Givon was eight years old during this time. The youngest child was five, and her name was Rillia. They lived in a tiny neighborhood in Hannover, Germany. They were very close to all of their neighbors except for the Holzmann family. The Holzmann family lived at the very end of the street. Camila, Aliza’s closest friend from the neighborhood, lived across the street from the most hated people in their neighborhood. No one liked them because they were Nazi supporters. Aliza’s husband was severely hurt in a car accident when someone hit him with their car while he was riding his bike home from work. He was left paralytic from the waist down in January of 1940. Aliza had to take care of him and their three children until they hired a babysitter because Abela and Givon had stopped going to school. When she found a babysitter, she never left the house for more than thirty minutes except when she went to work. On March of 1940, people in Aliza’s neighborhood had started saying that Mr. Holzmann was visited by a SS officer and that they didn’t have any good plans. Camila had walked to Aliza’s house about 30 minutes after seeing the officer walk in the house. She knocked on the door impatiently, but she didn’t notice she hadn’t stopped knocking on the door since she got there so she quickly
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