A Short Story : The Story Of Bigger Mary's Summary

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Bigger Thomas wakes up the next morning, after killing Mary Dalton, in his home. He is struck with fear and believes that he should go back to the Dalton’s home to see if Mary’s body has burned in the furnace. After breakfast, Bigger heads to the Dalton’s where he sees Peggy about to tend to the furnace. Bigger stops her and offers to do it himself (out of fear of Peggy discovering the body). Peggy is concerned about the car being left outside, so Bigger lies saying that Mary told him to leave it there. Peggy explains that Jan is a "bad kid" and that Mary is blind to it. Mary is not upstairs so Bigger takes the trunk to the depot anyway. Everyone is beginning to grow concerned with Mary’s disappearance. They start noticing little signs that seem off. Such as Mary not leaving a note. Bigger decides to visit Bessie, but only to take his mind off of things. Bessie is concerned for Bigger and believes that he might have developed feelings for Mary. Bigger reveals his large roll of cash. Bessie is not as impressed by the money, instead she is frightened by the large sum and she demands to know what Bigger did to get the money. He comes up with a story, and states that he wants to write a letter asking for money. Bessie is still worried that bigger isn’t being honest. Bessie's concern is that Mary will return home. Bigger assures her that Mary won’t show up, and this makes Bessie scared and suspicious. Bigger threatens to leave her, manipulating Bessie into helping him. Bigger
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