A Short Story : The Story Of Granny's Story

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After their father left them, their mother takes them to Granny’s house to live. Wright and his younger brother are taking a bath at Granny’s house and Granny is watching them, making sure they clean up properly. They boys threw suds at each other, having a good time, when granny calls Wright over to her. “She snatched the towel from [his] hand and began to scrub [his] ears, [his] face, [his] neck” (41). She then ordered him to bend over so she could “[scrub] his] anus” (41). As he did so, he compulsively thought he would repeat something he had heard (most likely around a saloon) without understanding the weight of his words. Without fully realizing he had even spoken out loud he said, “‘When you get through, kiss back there’” (41). His granny and his mama were horrified and they chased him around the house until he eventually was beaten by his mother. Although he could not recount exactly where he had heard of such a phrase, (it was most likely around a saloon), his Granny believed it was from the novels Ella (a school teacher boarding with them) read to him and Ella was banned from the house. Speaking before he understood the words on his lips lead him into deep trouble with his family. This incident is a good example of the power of words. Those few word had a sick, heavy impact and meaning and ought to have been more carefully handled. Words are like weapons, and as such they must be carefully treated as if they are a double edged sword. Furthermore, his
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