A Short Story : The Story Of Little Red Riding Hoods

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There once was a little girl named Lucinda that everybody loved. Lucinda was so sweet and pretty, but loved the most by her maw-maw. There was nothing in this world that her maw-maw would not do for her. Lucinda’s maw-maw bought her a red hoodie and Lucinda loved it and wore it all the time, even if it was not cold. She wore her hoodie so much that everybody started calling her Little Red Riding Hood. One day Little Red Riding Hoods mother told her that her maw-maw did not feel well and told her to take her a pepsi and a moon pie to make her feel a little better. Little Red Riding Hood was as happy and excited as she could be because she was getting to go see her maw-maw. Her mother told her to got straight to maw-maw’s house and back. Do not make any kind of detours.” Little Red Riding Hood promised her mother that she would do just that.
Maw-maw lived half a mile down the road from Jacob, Little Red Riding Hood’s boyfriend. Just as Little Red Riding Hood was backing out of her driveway Jacob pulled up. Jacob asked her where she was going. She said, “Maw-maw isn’t feeling well so I am going to take her a pepsi and a moon pie to help her feel a little better.” Jacob asked Little riding where her maw-maw lived and she told him that she lives half a mile down the road from where he lived just across from the newly rebuilt McDonald’s. She described maw-maw’s house to him as being a red brick with white shutters on the windows and that she has a beautiful huge
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