A Short Story : The Story Of Moana And The Ruose

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Moana is the daughter of the chief who leads a Polynesian tribe. The tribe lived on an island which the people survived from. Islanders used what they had on the island to survive. Moana’s father and mother raise her to one day lead her people. As a tribe, they made baskets from the leaf, drink the water from the coconuts, and fished within the rife for food to eat. The chief showed his daughter how to take on the responsibility. If she could she lead her people successfully she would put her stone on the mountain. This was an ancient ritual passed down from the chiefs who came before them. Moana knew the task that lied ahead, but Moana was a daring and strong-willed teenager who want to sail the ocean. Going beyond the rife was forbidden for all islanders, due to the chiefs past experience. Moana had a passion for the ocean and was chosen by the ocean to reunite a small greenstone. Her Grandmother, Tala also felt her passion and knew her calling as she would tell the tale of the heart of Te Fiti to all the young children. Moana was able to share her feelings with her grandmother as she was someone who was very sacred to her heart. Tala showed her a secret cave, and told her to go in and bang the drums. Inside she found boats and discovered the history of her ancestors were voyagers. Her grandmother explains why they stopped voyaging, due to Maui stealing the sacred heart which the heart would create life between the islands. She also tells Moana the Te Ka’s darkness

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