A Short Story : The Story Of My Mother's Life

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My mother died two weeks ago. I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me.
I was wrong.
The worst thing that could happen is not knowing how she died.
When Dad and the twins came back to San Francisco from London, Mom wasn’t with them. I asked where she was and they wouldn't answer. It was like Dad had turned to stone. George wouldn’t even look at me. Finally, Mike sat me down and told me that my mother had died bravely in battle while saving someone’s life.
I begged. I even screamed, but he wouldn’t tell me who she was fighting or who was saved. So, I went to George and asked him, "What happened? How did my mother die?"
He was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, still wearing the same clothes as when he arrived. He didn't answer or even move, like he was playing dead. Then he got this weird little smile and I saw red. I kicked the bed as hard as I could and shouted, "What happened to my mother?"
He sat up, gnawing his lip like he was trying not to laugh. I wanted to shake him or hit him, or both, until I saw the tears in his eyes. He choked out, "I fucked up, Cat."
My heart hammered and I had to take a deep breath so I could speak, "What does that mean?"
"It means I fucked up and your mom is dead. I can't say anything else. Dad made me and Mike swear an oath to keep everything that happened hidden."
"No. That's not right. That's not fair. What about me?"
"Look, Cat, Dad's the Dragon Son. If he wants something hidden, it stays hidden."
"But it's my
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