A Short Story : The Story Of Robin Hood

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Robin Hood: a fictional tale, a notorious thief, or a combination of both? Robin Hood is one of the most popular cultural folk heroes known to man. Although historians have ideas regarding the livelihood of Robin Hood, none of them can undeniably prove he actually existed. There are stories that differ in ways, and because of this he is still a mystery. People have an idea of where it all started, know the different names and tales that he consists of, and know what he is known as today, yet many still do not know fact from fiction. Before trying to put other pieces of the puzzle together, people must first consider where he actually came from. There are numerous theories about where Robin Hood actually lived and fought his battles.…show more content…
Depending on where people believe Robin Hood grew up, their ideas on what he did, and who he was differed. Once Robin Hood started to become a popular figure, people from all over the world started to become interested in him for different reasons. Depending on where they were from, they would pronounce his name differently, which caused there to be various spellings of his name. The earliest evidence that researchers could find that related to the name Robin Hood was Robert Hode. He had been an outlaw just like Robin Hood was described as, so he is seen as a likely option (History.com Staff). There were thirty-eight different original ballads made about Robin Hood in the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. None of them tell the real reason of why he is considered an outlaw, and they are all told a little different (Faiella #). Nowadays people cannot pinpoint what Robin Hood’s main goal in life was because there are multiple theories. In the 18th century chapbooks about Robin Hood were starting to become popular, and they usually were 24 pages long. People in the lower class bought more of them because it gave them hope, and showed that people were on their side (Buhle). Robin Hood is seen as a character of many trades, and has been classified as many different kinds of people. He is also seen as a fictional character to numerous people because of the lack of legal background on him. Robin Hood featured in many

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