A Short Story : The Story Of The Paper Boy?

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"Sir!" John was startled by the paper boy. "Sir are you alright?". John took a minute and said, "Of course! Never better! I have to go now young man. I'll see you ina jiffy.". John ran off from his house and into a place he thought he'd never go to. Things were about to get interesting... It was dark outside. John took his bicycle and rode off to a place he wished he'd never go back. He stopped at an old and abandoned warehouse. It seemed like yesterday he walked out that warehouse for the last time. John walked down to a rusty door. He pushed the door. The door crackled, screeched, and banged as the years of wear and rust screamed aloud for everyone to hear. John took a quick sigh and walked inside. He flipped a switch and a single cracked light bulb lit up as It flickered in and out. "427, 427, 427...". John came up to a large and black closet and opened a small box containing a lock. "Let's see here... 4... 2... 7...". Click! The lock snapped off. The closet while large and ample, only contained three items: a revolver, some bullets, and a book containing photos. John bent down and picked up the book. Inside the book contained stories long gone from his past. The memories seemed to flash before him, like a slideshow of some sort. The friends, the games, the violence, the killings. It came together like puzzle pieces. John knew what he had to do, and, while troubling at first, John was able to get past all of this and leave his friends behind. To this day, John

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