A Short Story-The Story Of The Bull Run

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Feet splash on the muddy ground through the worn fields of Bull Run.

Endless land covered in the blood of the Union and Confederate soldiers. The faint

smell of gunpowder still lingers in the air, and smoke covers the fields as if death

himself is horrified of the battle he had watched. As the clouds start to part the whole

scene becomes clear. A small clearing surrounded by trees and a hill littered with

burnt carriages, blankets, dresses, and baskets. Cannons and broken down artillery

are spread along with dismantled body's covering the ground. Barely leaving any

grass to poke through. A faint voice is heard echoing through the pity full land.

“CHARLIE… CHARLIE!” Every second the voice seems to be getting closer.

“Charlie… I found you.” “Hey Pete… long time no see surprised you're not in

Washington by now.” A sigh of relief comes from Peter “you idiot… you were

supposed to fall back” Pete begins to realize how bad Charlie’s situation is “Good

God Charlie your leg it’s… it’s not there… what happened.” Gasping for breath

Charlie seems to be losing his adrenaline and feeling the pain from his missing leg.

“Me and that greyback each got a good shot at each other” Pete starts to better

bandage Charlie’s leg “Charlie your leg isn’t bleeding… but how?” “After we took fire

some people I knew found me, they made a fire and sealed the arteries in my leg.” “I

didn’t really have a choice… the only reason I got through the pain was because of

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