A Short Story : The Story Of The Story?

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It’s all over now, Mr. Today is dead. Quill won the war and invaded A time, and the guards locked us up. A couple of unwanteds were sent to the Great Lake of Boiling oil, guards behind them. “Well.” thought Alex, “this is it.”
“Hey.” whispered Lani, eyes filled with tears, “It’ll go quickly.” Alex then remembered those were the exact words he said to her on the way to Artime. Alex smiled,
“Of course it will!” Alex said. “I’m with my friends and...I’m with you.” Lani smiled and the guards pushed them in. “It hurts.” thought Alex, “It hurts so much.” Alex then felt Lani’s grip on his hand loosen, then it all went black. Alex woke up in a bumping car. He looked around and saw Lani in a beautiful black dress with blue bows in her hair, Megan was in another black dress with sleeves that blossomed out at the end, and Samheed was wearing a white shirt with black pants. “Fits him.” Alex thought to himself, then he smelled smoke. He looked through the clear glass and saw a man in a hat driving.
Lani then woke up and when she saw Alex she froze. “A-Alex.” said Lani still shaken up by where she was. “ALEX!!!” Screamed Lani, embracing him and nearly caused the diver to hit a nearby building. “Thank goodness.” whispered Lani. Alex didn’t say anything just gave her a warm smile and hugged her back, then Megan, and Samheed woke up. Megan looked at her outfit and smiled
“Nice, not t.o tacky.” said Megan., she looked at Samheed. “Well.” said Megan, “I never thought I’d see you like
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