A Short Story : The Story Of The Seashells

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The pure joy of the walking barefoot in the warm sand along the shoreline while on the hunt for seashells kept the inquisitive seven-year-old child delighted. The early morning quiet and tranquil except for the barking seals out beyond the breakwater close to the immense rock formation jutting out of the sea. She vowed to her Seanmhair which is Gaelic for grandmother, she wouldn’t wade into the water, she intended to search the shoreline for her shells. Collecting treasures the waves brought ashore, she wanted to collect enough to make a necklace for her Mom. Her Seanmhair promised to help her, drill the small holes in each delicate shell and show her how to string them on blue silk floss. They would sew them to a choker made of dark-blue ribbon, hand crocheted with assistance from her grandmother. She had the entire summer to complete the birthday gift. Her parents would not return to Scotland till the first of September. Plenty of time to pick up Adaira and her older sister Aileana before they needed to fly home for the start of the new school year. Home happened to be Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Adaira’s family returned to Durness, Scotland every summer. The place of her father’s birth and to her grandmother’s converted crofter cottage on the rim of the cliffs above the sea where her Dad spent his childhood. She trudged toward the quartzite outcropping while the weight of the beach pail pulled at her small arm. The shade beneath the huge rocks would be the perfect place to peruse the contents of her pail. Adaira poured her treasures out and spread the shells out in the sand. While inspecting her collection, the sound of a splash came from the water’s edge. Peering around the rocks a young seal waddled ashore, stopping once out of the sea. She kept hidden and made no noise, to watch what the juvenile Gray seal would do. Once on the beach, she gaped as the animal shed its skin of fur, rising up to stand on the shore a teenage boy. The boy walked into one of the small caves partially hidden by boulders and brush carrying his pelt. A few minutes later he appeared wearing swim trunks and a T-shirt. The Selkie-boy continued to stroll down the beach a short distance and
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