A Short Story : The Unforeseen Simulation Joint?

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Everyone had gotten off the bus and to find Thirteen in front of the building waiting for them. As Thirteen was greeting everyone as the students were excited. Asuka was smiling like an idiot. it's been a long time that she had seen him nor talk to him. Since someone was too close to finding her when no one wished for them to find Asuka. For she owns safety because she hasn’t been able to protect her with her quirk nor control it fully. She had the to move out and stay low for a long time. While Asuka was following everyone inside. The redhead was the first one to talk, “Woah, it looks like Universal Studios Japan!” “A shipwreck, a landslide, a fire, a windstorm, etc. Etc. This is a practical training area, I created with different types of accidents and disasters. It’s called the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short.” Thirteen explains. Now it hit them that they are actually at USJ. ‘No joke. It really is USJ.’ Asuka thought with a sigh, not long to notice Shota and Thirteen talking to each other. Before Thirteen was to begin today’s training. “Let’s see, before we begin just one thing or two…..or four...five...six...seven.” Asuka and the rest of the student thought the same thing. ‘Its increasing!?’ “I’m certain you’re all already quite aware of my quirk Black Hole. No matter what material may get sucked into its vortex. It will turn into dust.” Izuku took a step. “You’ve been able to use that quirk to save people from all kinds of

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