A Short Story of a Teenager Who Almost Died of a Gunshot

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But sometimes we make big mistakes, Ones that may cost us our lives.

You might think it’s weird for a teenager to think like this, but I mean, what else can you expect? All the guys I know, or all the guys I did know can look back on their lives and point out a defining moment of what made them who they are today. Usually moments like these revolve around things like their dad teaching them how to fish or fix a car or even their first pet. My defining moment happened last Christmas, when I was 15, that’s when I was shot.

My story starts with the deaths of Andrew and Claire Piper. They weren’t just the owners of a multi-billion dollar business. They were my parents. Dead. In turn I was given a large chunk of the assets, as if to make up for my losses, making me the richest teenager in the country. Which brings me here today.

I wake up in a hospital bed; my chest is bandaged like a mummy, and a sickbay gown hangs loosely on my skinny shoulders. I look like a vampire, and not the kind from twilight that girls swoon for. I’m talking about real vampires. Pale, bony and sickly. The doctors say I’m lucky to have escaped with a shot to my stomach. A few inches up and I would’ve died with a hole in my chest. A few inches down and I would’ve been singing soprano in the local boys choir.

Since I’ve been shot, the board members of my parents company…
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