A Short Story on Borderline Personality Disorder

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The story opens with John Doe who is a star swimmer at his high school and being pressured by his coach to perform when scouts come to watch him compete in the upcoming swim competition. John also works at a hospital and has the perfect relationship with his girlfriend, Mary , however, the relationship is taking a toll on them since they are not sure if they will get into the same college together. One day at school, he helps a new girl named Madison Bell (Erika Christensen) get her locker open by picking the lock with her hair pin. Madison offers him the hair pin as a safe keep in the event she needs him again. This is the opening of Madison’s plot to gain access to John’s life. John's friend Josue tells John he has a thing for Madison, but she's staying with her cousin Christopher Dante (James DeBello) whom Josue bullies. Later, John nearly hits Madison with his car accidentally, and takes her home, but she leaves her notebook of music in his car on purpose and he goes to her house to return it. The two go to lunch and John and Madison exchange stories about their recent shortcomings through college, but their plans to get back on track. Madison tells John she plays cello to escape her problems and flirts with him, but John tells her he has a girlfriend, which she is fine with because her goal is to keep him under her wing. The two go to a pool, he encourages her to come out in the water, but because of a childhood experience Madison can’t swim so asks him to give her
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