A Short Summary And Rhetorical Analysis Of Five Sources Regarding Student Success

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A Short Summary and Rhetorical Analysis of Five Sources Pertaining to Student Success Defining student success and how to improve it will forever be an important endeavor. Student success has been defined in many different ways by many different people and countless methods to improve the rate of success have been discovered. In this literature review, I will summarize and analyze five papers on student success, its attributes, and methods to improve it.
Act I: A Teaching Intervention
In A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved College Students’ Success, Mary-Ann Winkelmes and her team explore the effects of teachers providing “two transparently designed, problem based take-home assignments” as opposed to the control group’s “unrevised, take-home assignments” have on students and their successfulness in college. The transparent assignments were given with clear purposes for the assignments and how they pertain to the class, and were problem based so as to help the students learn how to solve problems. The results were measured by the students’ perception of the course’s transparency, the students’ self-ratings in academic confidence, sense of belonging, and improved mastery of skills that employers value, and short-term retention rates. 1,800 students and thirty-five faculty from six colleges from across the US participated in the study in which each faculty member taught two class groups, one presented with the two transparent assignments, and the…
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