A Short Summary On Police Brutality

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Police Brutality Police Brutality has gotten out of control and police take their power for granted and they abuse their authority. They treat some worse than others and get out of hand very quickly and next thing you know the police is pulling a gun on some guy and before you know that person is dead. Police take their power too far and they are too quick to pull a gun, there are plenty of cases in which this has happened such as in Jefferson, Missouri and many other times, actually one happened here recently when a cop shot a young man 16 times to his death. Police say ¨Your gun is your last option¨ but that is the first thing they pull out, In which can be proven in many cases. Police do not need real guns, they need a whacking stick,…show more content…
The police have and are treating blacks worse and because of this racism it has resulted in many deaths and riots between people and the police. White on Black crime has increased over the years and is getting worse as I talk about it, but the truth is that police have no clue how much different there life would be if they didn’t have law and a gun by there side. This is another reason why police should not be able to have real guns, they should not be able to shoot any person they want just because they “mess up.”
And if people figured out that police didn't have a real gun anymore, it would cause less shootouts and less confrontation between the two of them. It would also bring the gun violence rate down and it would cause less problems at regular traffic stops and routine driving through a neighborhood.
These are my thoughts on police brutality and how I feel about police having a loaded gun. These are factual events and true stories on how white on black crime has gotten out of control. Also my thoughts on how police abuse their authority and law and use that against regular people everyday. The point I was trying to get to you was police are insecure and want to take advantage of you. These are my thoughts and I hope you
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