A Short Term Study Abroad

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In the Fall of 2015, when I first arrived at Rutgers I set numerous goals for myself. One of these goals was to excel in my studies in order to allow myself to gain real life experience and knowledge while studying abroad. After doing serious research, I had confidence that The GREEN Program was the perfect short term study abroad experience to excel my professional career, and academic growth amongst other like-minded individuals from universities around the country and the world. After applying, acceptance, and a semester of figuring out the workings of Rutgers’ registration, study abroad, and financial aid departments. I was able to secure the financing and degree credit approval necessary to participate in the 9-day spring break program in Cusco, Peru. Prior to this trip I had never been out of the country, so after expediting my passport, securing my flights, filling out all the necessary paperwork, and making full payment, I was sent a package of mandatory pre-program educational material. This included useful information on The Sustainable Development Goals, the importance of self-motivation, collective evolution & agents of change, overcoming adversity, thought leadership, future trends, and entrepreneurship. The combination of different articles, academic material, short videos, and TED talks all seem to coordinate perfectly with what I’ve been learning in my environmental policy, institutions and behavior curriculum. Before I knew it, March 10th had
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