A Short Walk On The Twilight

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River stood interrupting Cinder’s thoughts he announced, “I do believe it’s time to show Cinder the underground clubs.” They all agreed and stood to don their coats.
As they exited the building, River took a deep breath and glanced around at the night sky. “The temperature has risen, and I do enjoy the twilight only Russia can provide. How is everyone for a short walk to the tunnel?” Everyone glanced at Cinder, as the only mostly human she would be the one to decide if she could handle the cold. “I would love a walk in the twilight.” Cinder did her best to smile she wanted to enjoy tonight.
It was a very short walk, before they were entering a railroad tunnel; Cinder thought as short cuts went it was rather dangerous. “Hey guys, why are we walking into a railroad tunnel what if a train comes?” Cinder had Tazzy tucked under her arm covered by her coat when he popped his head out and explained. “This is not for trains; if you look closely you will see there are no tracks.”
Cinder used her boot to clear away the snow in front of her as she walked closer to the entrance, and found he was right there were no train tracks.
Shadow revealed, “Once inside the tunnel, the lights will start to come on lighting our path until we reach the stairs leading down. Then the lamplights from the underground area will light our way. You will see that there are sidewalks lining the fronts of the clubs, along with a few restaurants, and coffee houses. I do believe there is even a building that

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