A Significant Challenge Research Paper

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The most significant challenge I faced occurred when I was in middle school. When I was nine years old my parents started to fight in front of my sisters and I. At first I was clueless to what was going on, but soon enough I understood that my father was an alcoholic. It got to the point where they couldn't be in the same room. I always saw how my father physically harmed my mom as they argued. He would get so violent with my sisters and I whenever he got mad. Witnessing the domestic violence inside my house affected me emotionally and academically. I was so far behind at school because my mind and focus was all on the problems going on at home. My mother finally decided enough was enough.She kicked out my father in hopes that it would better our lives.…show more content…
Although it broke my heart with time I realized that being apart was the safest for my mother. It motivated me to be more independent after watching my mother support my sisters and I as a single parent. It showed me that you do not need to rely solely on someone to accomplish your dreams. Everything happened so fast when my dad left us, I saw how angry my mom was the night she kicked my dad out the house. She took the house keys away from my dad and told him he was not welcome in our house. When I witnessed my mother throw out my father I was in pure shock. After a while things at home started to change, there was no more distractions to keep me from my academics. I started getting back on track by having tutors help me and push me to make smarter decisions. To better myself emotionally I decided to take therapy to let go off all the anger I was going
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