A Significant Influence On Marylou's Life

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Life was different in the the 1930’s. She walked down the long dusty road in rural Texarkana, the sky darkened with despondency and the rain started as she hurried to the outhouse before going inside to begin her quotidien chores. The Great Depression had a significant impact on MaryLou’s life and is still evident to this day. Standing in long lines with her Mom to only obtain simple staples is a memory that will never leave her. Despite the fact her family didn’t have much money, she never went hungry and her family never let her down.
Having one brother who moved to Georgia to make bombs for World War II was very hard for her, since they were so close. She had a very tight knit family. Following her brother moving, her parents moved and MaryLou was left in Texarkana alone with a few relatives. Her mom returned and began to manufacture ammunition at the newly constructed Red River Arsenal.
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Eventually, the Great Depression ended and life became more stable and dreams became closer to a reality. MaryLou expressed her dreams of being in the fashion industry, “I wanted to be a model and live in France.” Having a sewing machine, her ideas became realities with some fabric and thread. She even created her own wedding dress! College came and she finished with a degree in accounting. Even though she didn’t become a professional model, during college she was given glamorous titles such as Most Beautiful at North Texas State and quite frequently made the newspaper showing off a beautiful creation with her sewing
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