A Similar Life Within A Story: Eveline by James Joyce

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The heartache of losing a loved one is indescribable. Many people live out their lives based off how that one person would want them to live. James Joyce's short story, "Eveline," is an example of how promises are hard to break. As James Joyce writes his stories, his characters and themes share similarities within his own life, giving them more value and much more meaning behind the importance of the story. To begin with, "Eveline" is the story of a young teenager facing a dilemma where she has to choose between living with her father, who has beaten her in the past, and escaping with Frank, a sailor which she has been with for some time. This story is one of fifteen stories written by James Joyce in a collection called "Dubliners". The…show more content…
“Eveline” and “The boarding house” are two stories written by Joyce, where he writes about the effects of the Irish society on younger girls. "The heroin Evelyn, portrayed as a young girl burdened by responsibilities, represents the joyless life of the Irish." (The Explicator). Having lived through his childhood up to the end of his university education, Joyce has become aware of the life in Ireland and the ambition of young people to leave Ireland and be what they say, free. In these two stories however, there is a kind of weakness in the two different girls because at the end of the stories, they both choose to continue their domestic roles. “Eveline” and “The boarding house” offer two portrayals of women whose lives are structured and controlled by the stigma of femininity that are attached to them by the stigma of their patriarchal societies. Each ends up serving a domestic role, one realizing the gendered aspect of their fate, the other not aware of any other option (Ingersoll). In these stories, Joyce writes about the rigid society which he grew in and how it affects these two girls in each case. Another pattern, probably the most significant, is his catholic family background. Eveline comes from a strongly catholic family, her mother was catholic while she was alive, and Harry, her brother, is in the church decorating business. The picture of the priest which hangs on the wall in their house and whom she knew nothing about is also

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