A Simple Game Of Catch

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Scott Thomas Period 6 Sharp September 24, 2015 A Simple Game of Catch Though time goes on and experiences past, the memories live on and forever they last. Life is a gift of beauty yet sometimes that gift can be tarnished by the darkness of pain. However, it’s the simple aspects of life that truly define who we are as individuals. A simple game of catch is all it ever took to make that darkness of life fade. A simple game of catch is all it ever took to bring back the happiness that had been taken away. A simple game of catch is all it ever took. Baseball has been an important aspect of my life. Ever since childhood, I’ve played the great game that I’ve come to love and hate. Though I have risen and fallen in my abilities, I still find a way to play the game. When I was a child, I started my experiences of baseball by playing catch with my father in the front yard of my house. We threw and we caught and we smacked our gloves the repeat the process once again. Playing catch gave us a way to relax, a way to talk, and a way to connect. When we threw to each other, it gave me a chance to train in my abilities and it gave my father a way to relive his own childhood. Yet, as time went on and my interests changed, playing catch became a thing in the past. Gone. Everything gone. My childhood faded, my dreams jaded, and my innocence traded. Friends turned away laughing as I asked myself, “What had just happened?” Acting my way through it all I knew something good
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