A Simple User Interaction Is Never Simple

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A simple user interaction is never simple. A person responding to a product, service, or information tool is also influenced by his or her surroundings, branded content, and even other people woven into the experience. When we study, craft, and engineer an experience, we need to consider all these elements in order to be empathetic and effective designers. Of course, users bring their own frame of mind and external inputs to any interaction. These are elements designers cannot control. Part of what we can control is a user’s reaction to individual elements and touchpoints — the things that ultimately build an impression of a brand. These are things we can design. People new to user experience (UX) design are often initially intimidated…show more content…
Researchers also delve into trends at the product, design, consumer, and global level. They observe market hurdles, whitespace and missed opportunities. Secondary research often plays a major role here. Framing isn’t just the gathering of that information. Framing is gathering, rebuilding, and visualizing information so that it’s easily grasped by everyone in the room, and serves as a useful tool for further identifying opportunities. The importance of clear and impactful visual representations will crop up again during later synthesis. 2) Watching and asking From framing we move into primary research. Much of this consists of behavioral observation, focusing on points at which users are offered choices (or lack of choice), points where they make decisions, the information on which they base those decisions, and the behaviors they display when what they seek is unavailable. We call those behaviors “workarounds.” Together with workarounds, we are examining pain points and joy points. Joy points reveal what is working well about the current experience, while pain points highlight the problematic aspects of the experience. In order to fully understand these joy and pain points, we watch the world that the user lives in, delving into the physical
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