A Single Alternative Way Dcf Can Fix Their Issues Of Consumer Inconvenience

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A third alternative way DCF can fix their issues of consumer inconvenience is that they use customer-relationship management (CRM). CRM according to Valachich and Schneider (2014), is a corporate-level strategy to create and maintain through the introduction of reliable systems, processes, and procedures lasting relationships with customers by concentrating on downstream information flows. This seems to mean that many organizations will uses this type of system to create a family-like relationship with their customers, so that they will continue to use their systems in the future. A second possibility to use this system is that organizations will have a reliable system that is available at all times, so that they will better serve their…show more content…
A second benefit to using this system is speeds problem identification/resolution, in which the organization can capture consumer complaints, help to identify and solve problems faster (Valacich and Schneider, 2014). Here DCF can learn about what their consumers think of their website/services and try to find ways to fix/resolve any problems that the consumer might have and keep them happy and will continue to use their service. DCF would greatly benefit by using this because it would allow them more interaction with their consumers and tries to work with them and improve their services/website through feedbacks and questions that they have on the issues. PREFERRED SOLUTION The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has an objective to build lasting relationships with its consumers. The department also wants to strive to improve communication with its consumers and to achieve customer satisfaction. This means that the department will need to be able to track customer interactions through its call centers between DCF’s employees and the agency’s consumers. Also, department managers will need to be able to organize and monitor elements that promote customer satisfaction. Our organization, the Department of Children and Families have to rethink our interactions with consumers. Rather than seeing our consumers as an audience, DCF need to engage in conversations with our consumers. (Valacich and Schneider, 2014) Although we’ve
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