A Single European Aviation Market

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In 1988, at a time when the Boeing 747 reigned as undisputed master on the large aircraft sector, the idea of Airbus to start talks about about the feasibility of a very large aircraft seemed senseless. However, by having talks about this idea with airlines, the Airbus team received very positive support. The idea of a big European air monster capable of competing with the Boeing 747 and stopping its monopolistic dynamic by creating a credible competitor seduced potential customers and stakeholders. This project would not have been possible without the creation of a single European aviation market by the E.U. to strengthen the worldwide competitiveness of airlines and to support research.
The A380, representing an investment of € 10.7 billion, is one of those projects that could make or break a manufacturer. It was in the late 80s, with forecasts of strong growth in air traffic, the need to design a very large aircraft of over 500 seats was necessary at Airbus in addition to and the need to complement its range of aircraft. While working on its own project, the European manufacturer started a conversation with Boeing in 1994 about considering a partnership on the concept of VLCT (Very Large Capacity Transport, plane at very high capacity). However, the Americans eventually withdrew and abandoned the idea persuaded that neither aircraft manufacturer was strong enough to embark alone on such an adventure. According to our research, our team believes that Boeing’s real…
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