A Single Life Film Analysis

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A Single Life is a short film that shows viewers what can happen if a newly acquired power isn't used carefully.

What would happen if somebody were suddenly given the power to travel through time? To be able to see where their live is headed and know if everything is going to turn out well? Or maybe first they would revisit the past, and relive a favorite memory? Despite the fact that plenty of science-fiction films have shown us how dangerous playing with time travel could be, it's hard to imagine being given such an incredible power without using it to satiate at least a little bit of curiosity.

A Single Life, written and directed by Job, Joris & Marieke, presents viewers with such a story, when one woman's lunch is interrupted by a knock at her door and she finds a mysterious package that has been left for her. Upon opening it, she discovers she has received a vinyl record that allows her to travel through time, and takes to exploring her newfound power when curiosity gets the better
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The vast majority of the sound in the film comes from the vinyl record, A Single Life, the namesake of the film. The music is upbeat and jovial, with lyrics much more well thought out than I realized during my first viewing. Past the music, the sound effects are well executed and strategically used, never distracting from the narrative at hand. There is no dialogue in the film, but ultimately any dialogue would have been unnecessary, and the music and sound effects more than make up for its absence.

In fact, this lack of dialogue is part of why the film is so relatable. While watching the film, I knew that I would make the exact same decisions that the woman makes, unable to resists temptation. With no dialogue to show that this woman is a specific person, she becomes an everyman (or everywoman, I should say) of sorts, making her relatable to audience members of any age or gender. This relatability is part of the film's
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