A Single Parent

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“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it empowers us to develop courage; to trust that courage and build bridges with it to trust those bridges and cross over them so we can attempt to reach each other.”- Maya Angelou. This quote itself speaks volume to show every human being has a caring instinct. All single parents have the same job which is to raise a child. The responsibilities are the same but the techniques are very different. Men and women have different teaching styles and ways to discipline. The molding of the child depends on the structure of the parenting structure. This is the reason that men and women are meant to raise a child together. When one of the two is missing, the other struggles to fulfill the absentee’s place. The goal of a single parent is to have a well-rounded responsible child who is a productive member of society. There are various methods of achieving this goal. For example, women have a more hands on approach to parenting. They tend to pay more attention to the child and try to be as helpful to them as they can be. They start to baby a child more than a man would. A woman wants to just be able to nurture them. This is why a woman can be less aggressive than a man. Some women become for lenient to their children. They do not want for their children to feel disconnected from them. A woman is going to try her best to have a healthy relationship with her child. Most mothers struggle to handle the role of a father and
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