A Single System Design For Evaluation Of Changes With General Anxiety

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A Single System Design for Evaluation of Changes with General Anxiety Introduction Many young adults who go into a substance abuse treatment program, will discover that they have some type of an underlying mental health issue. There are several reasons for someone to have a type of mental health issue before they start using or while they are using. Sometimes they already have been diagnosed thus the reason they use substances to replace the prescribed medications, because they don’t like the way prescription medications make them feel. Other times some of these issues develop during the time that the individual has been using substances, in response to an environmental issue, and the person does not know. Sometimes the issue is a lack of growth and development, which occurs due to substances interfering with the young person’s ability to acquire the life skills, the same as persons who do not use substances have learned. In that case, the individual will not know whatever issue exists, or how it will affect them when they stop using. The individual will not realize there is a mental health issue until they have ceased to use substances, then it appears, as if it just happened because the person no longer uses substances. These are life skills or coping skills that a young person can use to deal with controversies and conflicts, rejection, or general anxiety, or anything that seems difficult but not impossible to resolve. However, in most cases for persons who enter into a

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