A Sinner Saved By God's Grace Short Story

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A Sinner, Saved by GOD’s Grace “I am very sorry, Mrs. and Mr. Ortego, he has a very slim chance of making it, but if he does pull it through, he will be paralyzed from the waist down,” the doctor said to my parents as I was lying down in the hospital bed. I do not precisely remember my whole experience of being in the infirmary, but I knew that I was not alone. However, I do remember a few moments about my occurrence in the hospital, and I recall those memories immensely severe and dreadful. I was in the hospital with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which is a type of staph infection that can not be treated by antibiotics, making infections much strenuous to treat. The staph gained access to my bloodlines and eventually started circulating around my body from my heart valves. The staph clotted in my heart, which generated a reduction of blood flow. At this point, my family was perturbed that they were going to lose me. My family was truly going through a stressful interval while I was under treatment in the hospital, but they persevered and constantly had people coming to the room praying over me. The staph was completely healed a couple weeks later and the doctors had said to my parents, “He is a living miracle! God has great things in store for him,” but the doctor also said, “He will not be able to run or engage in any sport-like activities or anything of that nature.” My family was just joyful beyond measure that I was going to walk out of the
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